Info and Schedule


Muscle Car Challenge is a drag racing event for muscle cars held at Cootamundra Airport NSW. It is for all road registered vehicles with steel bumpers as well as V8 or 6 cylinder turbo cars built in Australia or the USA. The event is designed for entrants to enjoy their car in a safe and controlled environment, while being filmed and photographed for post event media use. Full coverage of the event will be released on YouTube. It is designed not only to provide great memories for owners, but great exposure and marketing for businesses as well. Photos and smaller video clips will also be released on social media and entrants have the option to buy photo and video packs.

Entrants can take the event as seriously as they like. Whether you want to have fun and race against your mate in your stock muscle car, want to test the performance of your modified car against the clock or you want to go heads up against the quickest street cars in the country, the event has something for all muscle car owners. It is also a great weekend away at Cootamundra with the boys for a good time with BBQs, drinks and stories to tell.




The true street category is for true street cars. Full interior, road tyres and cars you expect to see out cruising on the weekend. Check the rules and regulations for specifics. There will be a drive to Cootamundra held on Thursday, leaving from Pheasants Nest, that is not only for a good time, but so entrants can compete in the True Street Kings shootout on Friday. This shootout is for cars that drove to the event only to determine the King of the Street. Eliminations will be split into naturally aspirated and forced induction but the overall winner will go head to head as there can only be one King.

Practice sessions will be held on both Friday and Saturday for True Street where people can race the clock or race their mates, just like at the drag strip. Our event also adds a warm up area called the “Thrash Pad” where cars can do warm up burnouts, practice launches and warm the car up before a run.

Saturday will see a True Street Shootout elimination drag racing competition, where we crown the quickest naturally aspirated and forced induction True Street cars. There will also be trophies at the end of the weekend for quickest of various classes.



Pro Street is where the wildest street cars in the country will battle it out. The rules are relaxed but the car must be registered and must run a radial tyre. Please see the rules and regulations for full rules. Pro Street cars don’t have to drive to the event, however, a trophy will be awarded to the quickest Pro Street Car that drove to the event.

Pro Street will have separate practice sessions to True Street, and can go solo while setting up the car, as well as have “record attempt” sessions. Pro Street entry fee is higher, but can have extra crew, a crew member on the start line and have extra video coverage. Pro Street will have a “Runway Outlaws” 1/8th mile heads up shootout on Friday that they can opt to buy into and a Pro Street Shootout ¼ mile elimination heads ups shootout on Saturday.  Pro Street is limited to 32 entries.

1100 Meet at Pheasants Nest Mobil Service Station
1130 Depart Pheasants Nest
1330 Stop at Yass Service Centre for lunch and refuel
1400 Depart Yass Service Centre
1530 Arrive at Cootamundra Airport
1530-1700 Scrutineering and Accreditation for all competitors
1630 Cut-off for arrival for True Street Kings

0730-0915 Accreditation and Scrutineering
0915-0930 Compulsory Driver’s Briefing
0930-1030 Group 1 (odd numbers) Practice
1030-1130 Group 2 (even numbers) Practice
1130-1215 Group 1 Practice
1215-1300 Group 2 Practice
1300-1315 Pro Street Practice
1315-1415 Lunch Break
1415-1430 Runway Outlaws Number Draw
1430-1600 Street Kings Shootout
1600-1615 Street Kings Shootout Trophy Presentation
1615-1730 Runway Outlaws

0730-0915 Accreditation and Scrutineering
0915-0930 Compulsory Driver’s Briefing
0930-1030 Group 1 (odd numbers) Practice
1030-1130 Group 2 (even numbers) Practice
1130-1215 Group 1 Practice
1215-1300 Group 2 Practice
1300-1315 Pro Street Practice
1315-1415 Lunch Break
1415-1700 True Street and Pro Street Shootouts
1700-1730 Trophy Presentation Start Line

*Please note schedule is subject to change.




The event will be held at Cootamundra Airport in Cootamundra, NSW. It is located approximately 4 hours from Sydney. It is approximately 30 minutes from the Hume Highway.



Drivers and pit crew are responsible for their own accommodation and meals. There are multiple service stations but no E85 or Premium 98 is available in Cootamundra.  There are various food and accommodation options available as well as Woolworths shopping centre, tyre and auto outlets.

The event will have a food van on site for breakfast and lunch with coffee and drinks available.

Please note that due to CASA and Council regulations, NO FOOD it to be cooked or prepared inside the aerodrome. Any BBQs or food preparation MUST be done on the hard-standing area only in the car park. All competitors must place their rubbish in the bins provided.



Please note that the behaviour of pit crew is the responsibility of the entered driver. Any disrupting behaviour, including abuse of staff or other entrants, will lead not only to the removal of the pit crew member, but the driver as well. Any driver who disobeys track rules will be removed from the track for an hour as a first warning before being ejected from the event for a second offence.

Please note, due to CASA and Government regulations, there is strictly NO SMOKING inside the airport grounds. There is a dedicated smoking next to the terminal.



This is NOT a public event, it is run and insured as a PRIVATE FILM SHOOT. No spectators are allowed, only drivers and crew who must all sign a waiver before entering the venue. No one under the age of 18 is permitted inside the aerodrome.

Photography and filming are allowed by entrants and crew but not for commercial purposes. No professional content creators or media are allowed on site without event promoter approval. Please note that NO FILMING will be allowed during the Runway Outlaws filming. This means no phones and no cameras will be allowed to be held in the viewing area.


***Please remember that motorsport is dangerous and entry is at your own risk. Although we take all due to care to plan and run a safe event in a safe environment, the condition and safety of the car, risk assessment of the surface and surroundings and driving ability rests solely on the entrant. We are not liable for any damage caused to your vehicle, property or personal injury as a result of entering the event.